Elizabeth & Wes

"Lydia joined our birthing team early upon deciding we would choose a doula for this valuable service. After a quick interview, we instantly clicked and we were very happy to bring her on board. Throughout the process she showed her gentle, caring nature as well as knowledge and support to make sure mom was comfortable, educated, and prepared for birth. She embodies a positive spirit that is contagious throughout any room she’s in. This was especially valuable in the birthing room. This energy helped mom get through the toughest parts of birth. When delivery ended up taking a total of 46 hours, she went above and beyond to be there from start to finish. She helped train dad in useful massage and soothing techniques that further served to make mom as comfortable as possible during the big moments. Her dedication and passion for this work was a significant and valuable part of our birth story. We know she would carry this passion and energy to any other moms and couples who need a strong leader in the birthing room and throughout the pregnancy. Thank you!"


"We are so glad we decided to hire Lydia as our doula! She was able to guide us through a lot of possible scenarios and give us education on childbirth. Leading up to my due date she was there for me if I needed anything like emotional support.

During my labor it was very nice to have someone who was so knowledgeable about the process with me the whole time. We used coping techniques for the pain which was very helpful.

Of course Lydia was so calm the whole time and that was helpful to my husband since he’s a bit squeamish. She even took pictures for us. I would really recommend hiring her!"


Caitlin & Andy

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Lydia as a doula! She helped my husband and myself from pregnancy through post partum. Her support and knowledge is endless! She helped ease my husband’s anxiety of watching me go through unmediated labor and helped him by teaching him ways to support me during that process. She helped me to focus, breathe, and relax when I needed to, and even gave me a calming foot rub! Even after having an epidural, Lydia was there by my side cheering me on and taking pictures so my husband and I could be in the moment. After the birth, Lydia was there for all my post partum care needs and questions. I fully recommend using her services, you won’t regret it!"

Davanne & Mike

"Lydia was helpful with delivery....(her) experience showed as she told me about each step that was coming. Knowing what was about to happen gave me the confidence boost I needed in that moment to relax (even if just a little) and let me focus on having my baby..."


"Lydia was awesome in helping me prepare for my second birth. I did not have a doula for my first birth and I wish I did. Lydia is kind, compassionate and non-judgmental. She is very responsive, organized and prompt! My second baby came very fast and she was at the hospital within 20 minutes of being called. I highly recommend her!"

Tory & Jeff

"It was such a blessing that Lydia came into our lives and was able to support us throughout the birth of our daughter. As soon as my husband and I met Lydia, we felt such confidence and peace knowing that she would be with us during labor. Lydia is very down to earth, so incredibly genuine, and was able to make us both feel comfortable during such a vulnerable and special time. She is skilled at reading her clients and knowing exactly how to encourage them in any particular moment. Lydia truly empowered me to approach giving birth as well as motherhood with a positive attitude. I will never forget how she prayed over me during labor; that as well as her prayers before and afterwards are so meaningful to me. She always made me feel like a good friend and not just a client. Lydia is such a beautiful person and I recommend her to everyone!"

"Lydia is an angel in the flesh. My husband and I took her weekend long birthing course, which was so informative. It was packed full of information you only hope your doctor would have enough time to tell you. I can't believe how in the dark I felt about what to expect during my own birth until I met Lydia..."

Elizabeth & Josh


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