Welcome to the 40+ Club: Reflections On Going Past Your Due Date

I begin writing this halfway deep in a lukewarm mug of red raspberry leaf tea, clary sage essential oil massaged on my acupressure points, bladder just emptied-already full. Horray...sounds like you're past due! Welcome to the 40+ club!

Perhaps you're a new've reached 40+1 today, or perhaps you're a more seasoned member in the elite 41+6 club facing an induction with dread and complete apathy staring inquisitively at a bottle of castor oil. Wherever you are in the dimension of past due, just know you are not alone. I too am among you for the second time.

How do you navigate this emotionally and physically taxing time? How do you refrain from throwing your iPhone across the room with rage as you receive the 99th text message or call from family and friends asking if the baby has made their arrival? How do you handle seeing friends and other mom's from Facebook groups and due date groups posting pictures of their babies that arrived slightly early or right on time?

The days spent waiting, trudging slowly, heavily, and painstakingly past my due date have proved to be some of the most challenging of my life. It's a lesson in patience and surrender, unsolicited. And sadly, I have found, there is no cure but childbirth. The only thing that keeps me sane, is focusing on surrendering control and allowing birth and my baby to unfold in their own time and way. And how the more joyful I will be once my baby has made it's arrival. Happy birthing to you, you that are overdue.



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