The Strongest Woman in the World

I've just found the strongest woman in the world. The thought overwhelms me everytime I watch a mother birth her child into this world. Over and over again, scenes of her moment... her birth play in my mind. The anticipation, the pain, her vulnerability as her deepest darkest fears and insecurities come to the surface and are poked and prodded: nevertheless she persists. At first she hesitates, she says she can't do it...that she wants to go home. But then, I see the spark deep in her eyes, a fire, a determination and she roars with courage and forges ahead ready to claim her child.

The circumstances do not matter. Natural, medicated, or c-section birth, each mother has dedicated her life for nine months to this child and now puts her own life and comfort on the line. She endures all, conquers all. After all, love does that.

After I quietly slip away as the mother cuddles her newborn child, the thought stays with me throughout the day and I can't help but smile for I had found the strongest woman in the world today.



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