Doula Services

Why hire a doula?

The evidence suggests that doula accompanied labor is linked with better birth outcomes and happier, more satisfied mothers. In 2017, Bohren et al with the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group, studied the effects of continuous labor support on over fifteen thousand women and discovered remarkable benefits to doula supported labor. They linked doulas with an increased likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth, shorter overall labor times, and found that mothers were less likely to have negative emotions and memories associated with their births, and less likely to have babies with low five-minute Apgar scores. Doula supported labor was also associated with lower cesarean section rates and lower epidural and regional analgesia use (Bohren, 2017). Medical research indicates only benefits to mothers, babies, and families to having continuous labor support. 

Birth Doula Services


-unlimited phone & email support

-2 prenatal visits 

- 1 Weekend Group "Preparing for Birth" Course or Birth Basics Course 

-access to lending library



-personalized support for labor & birth 

-continuous labor & delivery support

-pictures taken of you & baby


Initial Postpartum

-immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support 

-2 postpartum appointments to discuss breastfeeding & early parenting

-continued breastfeeding & early parenting support 


*20% military discount available


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