The Magnificat  Vision

As a birth doula doing research on the history and practices surrounding birth over the years, I quickly came to the conclusion that American culture fears birth and for the most part distrusts a woman's ability to birth. Expectant mothers and families, as a result, often fear and distrust birth and their ability to birth


As a birth doula, I firmly believe that knowledge conquers fear....and love conquers all. I believe that all mothers are beautiful, deserve unconditional love and support, and know instinctively how to birth their babies. My vision is to help mothers and families combat fear with knowledge and love and experience an informed, empowering, and joyful birth process.

What began as an inspiration to counter America's culture of fear surrounding birth, has blossomed into a business dedicated to helping women and families have a beautiful and memorable birth experience.

Serving expectant women and families with knowledge and love, I offer birth doula services to South New Jersey.

Lydia DeCastra

CD(DONA), Bcd, Bce

Lydia DeCastra is a DONA Certified Doula CD(DONA) and BEST Certified Doula (Bcd) and the founder of Magnificat Birth Services LLC serving Southern New Jersey. 


Passionate about birth, supporting families, and affirming the innate beauty and value of every mother and child, she dedicates herself to preparing mothers and families for birth and accompanying them on this life changing journey.

Lydia is a graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and has a bachelors degree in Political Science. She is a military veteran and military spouse who enjoys cooking, traveling, and fine wines. She resides with her husband and two children in the Atlantic City area.


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